Lifted House

The Lifted House is located in a typical urban post-war single-family residential area. The project responds to the connected concerns of proximity and refuge through a variety of design choices at the interior and exterior. This modern insertion into an otherwise traditional residential Vancouver streetscape is a reinterpretation of a typical dwelling in the neighbourhood. Though it adopts the obligatory stepped entry sequence to an elevated main floor it deliberately obfuscates the half-basement that is so familiar to houses in this neighbourhood. Rather than sitting evenly on the ground the expression of this house is one of lightness and buoyancy. To the daytime passerby, the existence of a half basement above the ground is visually muted.

Movement onto the property happens in equal measures from the front and the rear of the house:  guests arrive from the street and the household enters primarily from the detached garage in the rear lane. These entries are tucked away inside angled ‘wings’ of the exterior facade—adding a layer of privacy and depth-of-field to the edges of the primary elevations. These wings simultaneously provide an opportunity for the inhabitants to enjoy less confrontational oblique views to the side. The above grade floors of the house tip up off the ground allowing light and nature into to the sub-grade basement. These corners are sliced back and angled upward to allow light to enter through concrete formed basement wells that extend into the front and rear yards.

Skylights allow for a connection to the outside in the kitchen at the main floor and, through the use of internal glazing, both the primary ensuite and circulation space at the upper floor. The interiors are rendered in earth-tones punctuated by a series of brightly coloured objects including a blue staircase, green dining room chairs and purple feature sofa. The overall design strategies leads to a simultaneously modern and playful dwelling. The Lifted House is both a place to seek refuge from the city and celebrate the beauty of the West Coast’s natural vibrancy—fitting for the young family who occupies the house.

PROJECT TEAM — Matt Mcleod, Lisa Bovell, Alisha Maloney & Pooya Sanjari
BUILDER — J. Bannister Homes


01 — Planted Area to Window
02 — Storage
03 — Rec Room
04 — Storage
05 — Staircase
06 — Guest Bathroom
07 — Guest Bedroom
08 — Office 
09 — Basement Patio


01 — Garage
02 — Foyer
03 — Powder Room
04 — Mudroom & Laundry
05 — Living Room
06 — Kitchen
07 — Dining Room
08 — Rear Entry
09 — Rearyard Patio
10 — Rearyard
11 — Garage


01 — Master Bedroom
02 — Maser WIC
03 — Upper Floor Deck
04 — Master Ensuite
05 — Shared Bathroom
06 — Child’s Bedroom 1
07 — Child’s Bedroom 2


01 — Garage
02 — Master Bedroom
03 — Child’s Bedroom 2
04 — Mudroom / Laundry
05 — Foyer
06 — Covered Entrance
07 — Rec Room
08 — Office
09 — Front Yard Sunken Patio

01 — Master Ensuite
02 — Dining Room Beyond
03 — Kitchen
04 — Storage
05 — Hallway (Office Beyond)

© 2021 Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses

© 2021 McLeod Bovell Modern Houses